YouTube tutorial: Vintage makeup for swing dancers!

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I have another YouTube tutorial for you: this time, vintage-inspired makeup that will last a whole night of Swing dancing (i.e. getting hot and sweaty!). Please check it out and hit subscribe as I have more content coming soon!


I’m often asked two questions when out at Lindy Hop and Blues dance events, firstly, “how do you do your eyeliner like that?”, and secondly, “how do you keep your makeup on all night!?”. Well, here are my answers! 


In this video, I break down my go-to, vintage-inspired makeup look into 8 simple stages. I go over some fundamental techniques to get started on things like blending eyeshadow and how to use liquid eyeliner to create a classic cat-eye “flick”. I also share some of my tips on how to keep makeup on all night without needing to rush to the loo to touch it up, because, quite frankly, who has time for that when we’ve got dancing to do, right?!

I hope you enjoy this video! I have a few more planned (including vintage hair and Goth makeup, whoop!), so please hit subscribe on my channel to keep updated. Also, please let me know if there’s anything on vintage or alt. style and beauty that you’d like me to talk through- happy to film more content in these stay-indoors times!


Stay safe friends, and catch you soon x



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