YouTube Tutorial: Victory Rolls!

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Here is my guide to achieving a victory rolls vintage hairstyle (and yes, it is an achievement!). I share my tips on how to defy gravity and humidity to keep this style going for a whole night of swing dancing


The Victory Roll hairstyle became popular in the 1940s and is thought to be a tribute to aeroplane manoeuvers and the shape of vapour trails left in the sky. It was also a practical way for women, many of whom were then working in factories supporting the war effort, to keep hair out of machinery. Hollywood actresses were actually encouraged to sport such styles to promote safe hairstyles amongst their fans, and as an act of solidarity with the armed forces during the Second World War.


Nowadays, we’re lucky enough to recreate these styles for fun! Here’s my guide to this iconic 1940s up-do and my favourite vintage hairstyle for swing dancing. In this tutorial, I share my tips on how to make these secure for a whole night of dancing at Lindy Hop events, how to backcomb safely, and TWO different methods of rolling. This can be a challenging style, but if I can do it on my fine, straight, and very long locks, then with a bit of practice, I’m sure you can too!


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Stay safe friends, and catch you soon x


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