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(Un)Popular Cultures– a blog about unusual cultural practices a.k.a. the weird stuff that makes life interesting!

In this blog I intend to celebrate niche elements of culture such as art, film, dance, literature, architecture, food, and fashion, that are perhaps not so well known in the popular imagination- the (un)popular aspects of life that surprise and fascinate me.

Learning new things is my prime motivation. I love the spark I feel on discovering something new; the “oh, that’s so cool!” feeling when the world suddenly opens up and is even more complex than I thought. I particularly enjoy exploring how other people experience life – what music they listen to, what clothing they wear, what hobbies they have, the place in which they live, their daily rituals. I like to travel to new places and imagine walking in other people’s shoes.

This blog is a home for my thoughts on experiences that capture my interest and inspire me to share them. I like words, photography, sound, and video, so I have some exciting plans for this space!

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